My name is Rebecca and I enjoy good music.
So I met Tyler and Brad today ;)

So I met Tyler and Brad today ;)

Good Night

I don’t know where my brother is…. 

he’s probably at the cottage.

Night, I like using Brad gifs on my good night posts, he’s just so cute :3


Good Night or Morning… whatever it’s 1 am

This was a good week of Brad Machand(:

Good Night!!!!!!!

That’s focus right there

Good Morning!

Good Night!!

Not really though I just think I’m gonna reach my post limit soon so I’m just doing this now

I forgot my Good Night post last night so Good Afternoon!!

*Tumblr Boyfriend Wanted!*

Good Night!!<3333

I’m gonna leave you with a different GIF of this incredibly attractive man every night for the rest of the week 

enjoy it while it lasts

I love when guys wear red shirts

I really like red shirts on guys(:

I really like red shirts on guys(:

fucking fuckers. fuck this. fuck you. fuck the capitals. you can all fucking die. I quit.

fuck faces. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck.